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The “International Symposium on Nuclear Astrophysics (ISNA – 2023)) to be held from October 30th to November 3rd, 2023 at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. It is jointly organized by the MAHE, Manipal (India) and the INFN-LNS (Italy).

The aim of this symposium is to bring together a diverse group of researchers across the globe who works on nuclear physics (experiments and theory), and astrophysics & astronomy (observational and experiments) to serve the needs for growing interdisciplinary branch of Nuclear Astrophysics. One of the objectives of the meeting is to educate Ph.D students, Postdocs and young Researchers in the field of nuclear astrophysics.

The symposium will deal with both, various astrophysical issues – ranging from nucleosynthesis to stellar evolution – and nuclear physics topics, including novel experimental approaches, radioactive ion beams, indirect methods, and plasma physics (in stars and in the laboratory). The present edition will be mainly focused on following themes:

1. Introduction to Nuclear Astrophysics
2. Big Bang and Light Element Nucleosynthesis
3. Stellar Structure and Evolution
4. Observative abundance measurements
5. Cross section measurements with direct and indirect techniques
6. Novae and Supernovae Nucleosynthesis
7. Explosive Nucleosynthesis: Experimental cross section Measurements
8. Nucleosynthesis beyond iron peak
9. Future perspectives for India in nuclear astrophysics in a global context

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