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CAEN India is proud to contribute to the Nuclear Reaction and Structure up to Intermediate Energy Collision (NRSIC-23).

Basic research on experimental and theoretical nuclear reaction dynamics and structure has taken a new dimension with the availability of new facilities of accelerators, beam species and detection system in the country. On one hand, heavy-ion beams including inert species (e.g 20Ne) are available from the K-130 cyclotron at VECC and on the other and, heavy-ion beams of higher energies are expected from the K-500 superconducting cyclotron at VECC in near future. The experimental facilities have also been augmented with the newly developed ChAKRA array, neutron time-of-flight array, advanced gas detectors, gamma ray detectors, etc. Therefore, it is high time that the nuclear physics community in the country not only be aware of these facilities and perform experiments using such national facilities but also to get involved in the state of the art nuclear instrument/facility developments in this direction. This two-day symposium will focus on the intense discussion in regard to the physics program that can be addressed with the new and upcoming facilities and their further developments.


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