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Digital Multi Channel Analyzers

RedEagle is a compact desktop instrument that combines advanced features for signal conditioning and digital processing. It is a stand-alone, single or dual digital 32k MCA (Multichannel Analyzer) with a range of capabilities.

Designed for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors like HPGe and Silicon detectors, as well as scintillation detectors such as Nal and LaBr3, RedEagle offers versatility. It can handle positive and negative signals from resistive feedback or transistor reset preamplifier detectors, and it can also accept signals from PMT anodes.

RedEagle can operate in different acquisition modes, including Pulse Height Analysis (PHA), Multichannel Scaling (MCS), or both simultaneously. It supports Multispectral Scaling (MSS) mode for collecting multiple PHA spectra without data loss during spectrum switching. Time-Stamped List mode allows saving time and energy events to on-board memory or the host PC for offline analysis.

With the Signal Inspector mode, users can inspect analog input signals and internal digital filter outputs. RedEagle also facilitates Compton/AntiCompton data acquisition when using the 2-input channel version.

The instrument features I/O connectors that provide additional functionality beyond standard MCA operations. The DB25 I/O connector supports various signals like PHA Start/Stop, SCA, MCS, Coincidence/AntiCoincidence, and more. BNC connectors are reserved for Transistor Reset Preamp (TRP) inhibit. Two SATA connectors enable precise multi-board synchronization and system building.

Front Panel LED indicators display board and I/O status, power supply polarity, and multi-board sync status. An OLED display provides real-time statistics and information on ICR, OCR, Real/Live/Dead Time, as well as details on the HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply) channel output.

RedEagle supports up to two detectors with HV bias. Users can configure bias voltage and current on a per-channel basis for specific detector types such as PMT, HPGe, and Silicon. The 2-input channel version allows selecting polarity configuration upon ordering, while the 1-input channel version includes both positive and negative polarity HVPS.

RedEagle also integrates low voltage outputs to power preamplifiers and supports external sensor interfaces for monitoring detector temperature and nitrogen levels.

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